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Jaden Hair

Jaden Hair is a television chef, author of 3 Asian cookbooks, and publisher of award-winning recipe and cooking site, Steamy Kitchen. She has been featured on the Today Show, CBS Early Show, and many national magazines and cookbooks. Jaden's speciality is Asian cooking that's fast, fresh and simple enough for tonight's dinner.

A Springtime Guide to Growing Asian Vegetables

March 21, 2017 • Posted in Cook Eat Japan Mindful San-J Family

It's time for Spring gardening! For the past two years, we've been living in suburban Las Vegas, Nevada. Our Spring gardening this year is a modest patio garden, with our essential Asian herbs and...

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Grilled Baby Bok Choy With Hoisin Honey Glaze

May 22, 2017 • Posted in Cook Eat

I’m always looking for ways to take the humblest of ingredients and transform them into a flavor-packed dish that is truly unforgettable. This desire comes from my own childhood, growing up as the...

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8 Asian Kebab Recipes

August 17, 2017 • Posted in Cook Eat

Summer is still going strong, and we've got some 2-step, Asian-inspired kebab and skewer recipes for grilling! These are so simple they only take a few minutes to prep....and a few minutes to grill....

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Meal Planning for a Busy Family

September 12, 2017 • Posted in Cook Eat Mindful

Now that school has started back up again, so have all of the kids' extracurricular activities! Between school drop-off, pick-up, tennis clinics, swimming practice, Boy Scouts, and working, sometimes...

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