4 Cuisine Styles You Can Try at Home

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Posted on: September 16, 2021

It’s an unfortunate fact that the average American diet is bloated with processed foods, and expensive eating out habits. At-home cooking is altogether healthier when you know exactly what types of fresh ingredients are in your meal, and it can save on your weekly budget. Cooking new cuisines at home can also open the door to new experiences for children and even impress others on a dinner date night. But what should you cook?

If you wonder how you can experience some distinct world flavors without relying on a restaurant, we’ve got a list for you. Even if you do not have all ingredients there are similar ingredient substitutions to use! These four cooking trends have grown rapidly in popularity throughout America’s home kitchens, and they are accessible enough to bring the takeout experience inside of yours, too! You can even take these types of cuisines and twist them in with classic recipes.

Learn more about these cuisine styles and tips for crafting them yourself.

1. Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine revolves around the many ways to prepare the staple of white rice, as well as fish. This style features dishes such as sushi ,pickled vegetables, and chicken often dipped in flavorful sauces. Soups and salads using regional ingredients are varied and nutritious, too. Matcha is a nutritious and traditional tea that can be found next to these cuisines. Even the matcha ingredient can be used in common dishes as well! Even a variety of roasted Asian-inspired nuts can give off a unique and exciting flavor.

One of the easiest ways you can start creating authentic Japanese food at home is with a traditionally-made sauce. Soy sauce has been in existence since 7th-century A.D., and San-J makes Tamari soy sauce from a brewing method that dates back over 200 years from Japan. San-J Tamari Soy Sauce comes from 100% soybeans and contains no wheat, so many people, including gluten-free diners, can enjoy the rich taste.

2. Chinese Cuisine

Since the Chinese region is so vast, there are multiple styles of traditional cuisine to explore and appreciate. In addition to steamed rice, fried noodles and dumplings, soybean products like tofu are common in dishes.

The ease of ordering take-out from your local restaurant may tempt you, but the best Chinese food comes from home. San-J produces several varieties of Chinese-inspired cooking sauces to flavor a stir fry, steam or bake. From mild, sweet and citrusy Orange Sauce to peppery Szechuan Sauce, your choice of meat or vegetables won’t be without a memorable flavor.

3. Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine emphasizes colorful foods and decorative displays to symbolize good health in different parts of the body. Along with meats and vegetables, rice dishes and noodles are key components to a meal. If you enjoy having seafood at home, this style’s iconic use of fish sauce is a flavor worth experiencing for yourself. 

You can try a Vietnamese Noodle Bowl for a diverse-tasting family dinner, or our featured Vietnamese Salad Rolls make a great appetizer and snack.

4. Thai Cuisine

Foodies who love their spices have a guaranteed favorite in Thai style. This cuisine features strong aromas and flavors, ranging from salty to sour, and sweet to spicy. The best Thai food manages to capture all four with a mix of herbs and seasonings, especially in traditional dishes like satay kebabs.

San-J Tamari Soy Sauce is the secret to a delectable chicken Pad Thai with noodles and a hint of chili heat. This type of cuisine also inspired San-J Thai Peanut Sauce, a condiment that is perfect for dipping many foods.

Looking to try more Asian-style cuisines such as Korean cuisine? Search our collection of recipes for both authentic and exciting fusions of food for your kitchen!