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Tamari Soy Sauce

Our most popular product, Tamari Soy Sauce, is certified gluten free and lets you experience authentic flavor even when you prefer to leave gluten out of your diet. Our sauce benefits from extra umami content, increasing the complexity of its taste. This staple for stir fry can also serve as an ingredient in soups and sandwiches, over noodles and rice and in bento boxes. As always, our Tamari soy sauce is certified kosher, non-GMO and FODMAP friendly.

Tamari soy sauce is also certified vegan, so you can try it in a plant-based meal or as a salad dressing and let it highlight the taste of your favorite veggies.

If you are monitoring your sodium intake, Tamari Reduced Sodium and Tamari Lite 50% Less Sodium can be your preferred choice to strike a better balance in your nutrition.

For organic options, try Organic Tamari Soy Sauce and Organic Tamari Reduced Sodium, certified organic by the USDA Organic and Quality Assurance International.

Look for Organic Tamari Travel Pack boxes with 20 single servings to take the authentic Japanese flavor with you wherever you go!

Corn on the cob with sauce by San-J
Two bowls of San-J pea soup

Asian Cooking Sauces

We offer a wide range of sauces to try in your next meal. Our Asian Cooking Sauces will provide all you need to complete a dish without a long list of additional spices and ingredients. You can complete a stir fry featuring flavors inspired by the best of Asian cuisine with one bottle right off the grocery shelf. It might even help any picky young eaters in your family enjoy new foods!

Our Asian Cooking Sauces are made with a hint of our Tamari Soy Sauce, providing a rich authentic flair. Choose from milder glazes such as our Sweet & Tangy Sauce, or satisfy a spicy craving with Thai Peanut or Szechuan Sauce. If you want a marinade or seasoning for meats, slather on some Korean BBQ Sauce for sweet and savory grilled pork ribs. You’ll also love our Teriyaki Sauce on chicken with a subtle touch of ginger and garlic.

Our line of Asian Cooking Sauces makes it simple to experiment with new flavors in ordinary dishes with less time. Don’t forget that you can find inspiration for your sauce of choice by exploring our recipes page.


We create our own regular soy sauce with a balanced blend of soybean and wheat, brewed for up to six months. This sauce has a more aromatic taste, suitable as a condiment or dip. Certified organic, kosher, vegan and FODMAP friendly, San-J shoyu is also Non-GMO verified by the Non-GMO Project.

Asian Soup Mixes

Make delicious Japanese soups any time of day! These single-serve packets include powder, dehydrated ingredients and a sprinkling of seasonings. Just add 8oz. of hot water and you’ll have a bowl of hearty soup. Both White Miso and Wakame are certified gluten free. Wakame is certified vegan.

Brown Rice Crackers

Glazed with our Tamari Soy Sauce and oven-baked, these crunchy sesame crackers are delicious on their own or pair perfectly with our favorite toppings. The convenient take-along packages work great for snacking on the go. Each variety is certified gluten free, vegan, and Non-GMO Project verified.