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The story behind San-J

San-J International, Inc. is dedicated to the manufacture of premium Tamari soy sauce and quality Asian-inspired products. We endeavor to produce excellence in our products and services.

prior to1804

The Sato family prior to 1804 - San-J

The Sato family was conducting a business as a kaisen-donya (wholesaler in port) shipping cargo on the nearby rivers.


The Sato family establishes San-Jirushi in Mie, Japan as a Tamari Soy Sauce and miso company

The Sato family established San-Jirushi in Mie, Japan, as a Tamari soy sauce and miso company. The three river design of their logo came from the three rivers in the area that they used for their cargo-vessels when they were a wholesaler in port.

San-J original & current trademark logos

The San-J founder original & current trademarks.

San-Jirushi’s logo of three horizontal bars represent the three rivers. The name San-Jirushi means "the mark of three."


Tamari Soy production

San-Jirushi established San-J to begin selling their Tamari soy sauce in the US as an importer and their products were very well accepted in the natural market.


The San-J plant was built in Henrico, Virginia. It was the first Tamari brewing facility built in the U.S.

San-J plant in Henrico, Virginia


Takashi Sato, President of San-J

Takashi Sato, an eighth generation member of the founding family, is president of San-J, continuing the exacting standards for brewing the world’s finest Tamari soy sauce.

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