3 Unique Burger Ideas for Your Next BBQ

Posted on: April 28, 2023

Barbeques are a classic summer party, with burgers and hot dogs at the center of your menu. If you’re excited to see your loved ones and show them something new, these unique burger recipes will be a delicious conversation starter. 

When you use these innovative ideas to spice up your barbeque, you can expect restaurant-quality burgers. You and your guests can enjoy the taste of specialty burgers that will keep them coming back for more.

Get Inspired by 3 Different Burger Recipes

How do you make burgers more interesting? Consider how you use spices when you’re cooking on the grill. The way you season a burger changes its taste and creates a unique flavor profile for your meal. 

At San-J, we specialize in brewing Asian cooking sauces that are great bases for the rest of your food’s flavors and seasonings. Here are three innovative burger ideas you can make with our delicious sauces:

  1. Teriyaki black bean burgers: For the vegetarians in your crowd, Teriyaki black bean burgers are a stand-out take on a typical recipe. To complement the spicy-sweet taste of Teriyaki sauce, you can add glazed pineapple rings and sriracha mayo to this burger.
  2. Tamari umami burgers: Our Tamari umami burgers take the savor of soy sauce and the juiciness of ground beef to the next level. You’ll love the way these flavors work together and pair well with tomatoes and onions. Skip the buns and enjoy these unique burgers on a bed of lettuce for a gluten-free option.
  3. Korean BBQ burgers: This burger combines the sweet taste of pears with the savory flavor of ginger puree, soy sauce and garlic, and that’s just the sauce! You can cook our Korean BBQ burgers with ground beef and top them with quick pickles, sriracha mayo and onions.

Complete with toppings, a toasted bun or lettuce wrap and our Asian cooking sauces, your burgers will go quickly at any summer party. These unique burger recipes will be a barbeque favorite when you and your guests give them a try at your next event. 

Spice Up Your BBQ With Burger Ideas From San-J

Our cooking sauces will enhance your burgers’ flavor when you use them as a marinade, glaze or topping for your next meal. 

To try our gluten-free teriyaki, Korean BBQ or Tamari Soy sauces, you can shop online or use our product locator to find San-J items near you.