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4 Unique Ways to Live a Healthier Life

Written by: San-J Posted on: March 11, 2020

Roadblocks, doubts and inaction sometimes hinder the journey to a healthy lifestyle. We can all take simpler steps in our daily routines to improve how we feel, think and perform for the future.

These are helpful habits backed by research. Pick them up and maintain these practices during the years to come for long-term benefits.

1. Practice Yoga

More people are practicing yoga for more than just flexibility and muscle strength. Research is working to explore yoga’s effects on managing stress, teaching good posture and reducing pain. It can also uplift you spiritually and make you more mindful of your body’s image and energies.

There are simple poses and techniques you can try at home, but you can also seek a qualified instructor or enroll in a class at a studio. When you join others, it’s a social experience as well.

2. Work Your Brain With a Puzzle Every Day

You’ll hear plenty of advice to exercise your body, but don’t forget your mind that powers it all! It can be relaxing and fun to use your mental skills to complete a challenge. One study found that activities stimulating the brain can develop present-day problem-solving abilities, though preventing cognitive disease with age remains to be seen.

There are many puzzles involving numbers, such as sudoku and math, or with words and letters such as crosswords and searches. Even learning the logic of a Rubik’s cube and doing something active with your hands, such as a jigsaw puzzle, can engage your mind.

3. Get Some Daily Sunlight

Increased time indoors at home or work, shut in with technology, could affect longevity. All the artificial light from screens pales in comparison to the potential benefits of natural light. Studies suggest that sunlight provides necessary vitamin D, improves your mood and can regulate your sleep patterns.

Explore activities under the sun for at least a half-hour a day, such as gardening, drawing nature and walking. If you find it too cold to be outdoors on some mornings or afternoons, a chair beside your window with the blinds open to let in the light does just as well. Find a comfortable activity such as reading, chatting or listening to music to pass the time and unwind while your body absorbs the benefits.

4. Eat a Diet With Higher Plant Content

Much of what you get out of your body depends on what you put in. Many health care professionals will tell you that the less saturated fats, sugars and processed foods, and more vegetables, fruits, and grains you eat, the better off you’ll be. Scaling back on red meat consumption during meals and replacing it with plant proteins might lower the risk of disease.

Pursuing a plant-based diet daily at home is more accessible than ever. San-J produces a variety of Tamari Soy Sauces and Asian Cooking Sauces to dip, marinate and dress a wide range of vegetables. Unlock the potential flavors of your healthy meals with Tamari in your home cooking.

No single habit or health trend is going to act as a guaranteed cure-all. However, it’s worth finding personal activities that lead to you feeling happier and more satisfied.