5 Tips for Slow Cooking Chicken

Posted on: January 18, 2022

Have you ever tried making slow cooker chicken? You’ll create an even better meal when you know the best way to make chicken in a slow cooker. Use our proven tips to raise the bar on your slow cooker recipes. 

Tips for Slow Cooking Chicken 

We recommend following these five steps to improve the flavor of your slow cooker recipes: 

1. Sear the Chicken Before Adding It to the Slow Cooker

Pre-cooking seals in the juices in the poultry and makes it even more tender as you cook it. A caramelized piece of meat will always taste better in your dish. 

2. Don’t Use Frozen Chicken

Thaw the chicken ahead of time so that the slow cooker doesn’t have to thaw and then cook the chicken, which can lead to a blander taste. 

3. Use Chicken Thighs or Legs

The thighs and legs are the most flavorful parts of the chicken. These parts become moist and tender when you cook them, and they take in flavor more easily than other parts of the chicken. 

4. Don’t Wait Until the End to Add the Sauce

You want the chicken to absorb the flavor and robust quality of the sauce. Adding sauce earlier gives your chicken more time to marinate, creating a more flavorful meal.

5. Layer the Chicken on Top of Other Ingredients

The chicken will cook better when you put it on top of vegetables or grains instead of covering it with those ingredients. The chicken juices will also flavor everything beneath it.

Use Our Tips on Asian Sesame Chicken

One of our popular recipes is our Slow Cooker Asian Sesame Chicken, which employs many of our tips for how to cook chicken in a slow cooker. First, you’ll pan-fry your chicken pieces in your skillet, allowing you to see what a difference it makes to precook the chicken and seal in those natural juices. 

We use flavorful chicken thighs in the recipe, which are more tender and tasty than other parts of the chicken. We also advise adding the sauce early in the process, giving the chicken time to absorb the flavor. 

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