Food Prep Tips for People Working From Home

Written by: San-J Posted on: April 1, 2020

Many of us are still adjusting to the new normal during the coronavirus outbreak. More employees than ever have to work from home and treat their living space as their office, and that poses new challenges with eating right. Now that grabbing a bite with coworkers is out of the question, and your kids might be home with you, what do you do about lunch or dinner?

We’ve got some tips and tricks for saving time and still eating healthy while working from home.

Get Smart With Storage

Although your kitchen and all its appliances and ingredients are close by, you might not have the chance to cook like you’re used to. Calls can spring up and distract you from your pots and pans — plus, those on the other line don’t want to hear microwave button beeps and clattering dishes! It’s why you should consider prepping future meals before or after the workday crunch and store them in the fridge for when you need them.

Some tools to help include plastic sealable containers and foil or plastic wrap. You can load up an airtight tub with freshly chopped vegetables and other whole foods for a salad. Or, after making a sandwich out of peanut butter and jelly or deli meats for the kids, leave it wrapped in the fridge for them to grab when they’re hungry.

Make Larger Portions for Later

“Meal prepping” is one of 2020’s health trends, and while it involves cooking more food than usual, you’re dividing it into ideal, convenient portions. Stash these leftovers in containers and label them for when you use them — then you’ll have your lunch schedule set for a few days. Meal planning can help with busy schedules.

If you grow tired of the same leftovers, a few containers of different pre-cooked and prepped ingredients will also let you mix and match. Plenty of staple ingredients turn into several meals down the line, such as pasta, noodles, rice and beans. Try a can of tuna or chicken slices with your greens, or squeeze a citrus fruit, pour some salad dressing or drizzle cooking sauces over your plate for added flavor.

Let the Slow Cooker Do the Work

Your slow cooker makes it easy to prep your proteins or cook soup or stew. Before the day starts, prep a recipe you can come back to with a ladle or fork for lunch — or dinner too! With lots of space in a slow cooker, it’s the perfect appliance for extra batches. Try creating a pot early in the week of pork, quinoa, and broth with slow cooker sauces.

Eat Away From the Computer

It seems like a no-brainer, but remember — if you have a break time set aside, use it to its full potential! You need to disconnect at some point.

Once you toss together your salad or reheat leftovers, take your plate with you somewhere else rather than your desk chair — the dining table counts, or even your porch on a pleasant day. By changing your environment, you’ll lower your stress levels and get to focus on enjoying your food.

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While working from home, you may have different habits, but food and nutrition shouldn’t change. We hope these tips alleviate some of the stress with prepping meals. For more ideas, read through our blog!