We’re Having a Cracker Party And You Can Too

Written by: San-J Posted on: November 2, 2018

If you’re looking for the best party snacks, look no further. These cracker appetizers are so versatile. Top them with any of these variations and take a stab at creating your own combinations!

These loaded crackers are best eaten right away to avoid getting soggy. Better yet, save yourself the prep work, and simply set up a station where guests can layer on toppings of their choice.

Have a Cracker Party with San-J Brown Rice Crackers! We’re Having a Cracker Party and You Can Too

All About the Crackers

San-J Brown Rice Crackers are so good on their own, they don’t even need any toppings. They’re baked with San-J Tamari or San-J Teriyaki Sauce. They’re certified Gluten-free, certified Vegan, and verified Non-GMO. They’re perfect for dips and spreads, or straight out of the package.

Learn more about our crackers here, where you can read ingredient and nutrition information, find a store near you or buy from our online store.

San-J Tamari Brown Sesame Rice CrackersSan-J Teriyaki Sesame Rice Crackers

Bring on All the Toppings

These are some of our favorite toppings, but the possibilities are endless!

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, San-J Black Sesame Cracker 

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, green onions, sesame seeds, on a Tamari Black Sesame Rice Cracker.

Radish, salted ricotta, San-J Brown Rice Cracker Radish, salted ricotta, San-J Brown Rice Cracker

Sliced radish, salted ricotta, fresh cilantro or parsley. Topped on a Tamari Brown Sesame Rice Cracker.

Avocado, Tamari Soy Sauce, San-J Brown Rice Cracker 7 Cracker Appetizer Recipes

Avacado Crackers with sliced avocado, Tamari Soy Sauce, sesame seeds, all on a Teriyaki Sesame Rice Cracker. This combination is dairy-free!

Ahi tuna brown rice cracker San-J Black Sesame Cracker with Ahi tuna

Spicy Ahi poke tuna, Tamari Soy Sauce, green onions, sesame seeds, on a Tamari Black Sesame Rice Cracker. This combination is dairy-free! Follow safety precautions when serving raw fish. Many grocers carry ahi tuna packaged with instructions. If it’s not packaged as ahi tuna, make sure it’s sushi-grade tuna.

San-J Brown Rice Cracker with cream cheese and fruit spread San-J Cracker Party Appetizers

Fruit spread and goat cheese. We went with fig fruit spread for some and ginger spread for other. Topped on a Tamari Brown Sesame Rice Cracker.

Sliced cucumber, cream cheese, San-J Brown Rice Cracker San-J Cracker Appetizers

Sliced cucumber, cream cheese, Italian dressing, fresh parsley. Topped on a Teriyaki Sesame Rice Cracker. You can combine the sliced cucumbers with the dressing ahead of time and they’ll soak up the flavor.

San-J Cracker Party Appetizers Cherry tomato, cream cheese, San-J Black Sesame Cracker

Cherry tomato, cream cheese and sesame seeds on a Tamari Black Sesame Rice Cracker with rosemary infused olive oil drizzled over top.

Snacks for any occassion

Make them to share, or make them to enjoy on your own. These cracker appetizers are perfect for holiday parties, after school snacks, game day, cookouts and pool-side snacking. Just be sure to let us know what your favorite combinations are! Tag us on Instagram @sanjtamari for your chance to be featured.

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