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Once you’ve made significant menu changes, you have to get the word out about it. You want to appeal to current customers while enticing new guests to try your food. Restaurant menu advertising can take time, but you can broaden your customer base with the right techniques. Give these strategies a try when marketing your menu.

Determine Your Target Audience

Before deciding how to market your restaurant, you must determine your target audience. Who you want to attract affects your tone, messages and complete marketing campaign. You may be seeking those who have dietary restrictions or are looking for more nutritious options, but you should also determine your customers’ age range and demographic. If you don’t know your target audience, research competitors and consider implementing surveys to get a better idea.

Make Your Menu Available Online

Many people looking to find lunch or dinner spots will complete a quick online search to find restaurants nearby that have the food they’re craving. Making your menu available online can help potential guests decide if you have what they’re looking for and compare your options to other businesses. An online menu can broaden your customer base and help get your name on other platforms.

Highlight Healthy Menu Items on Social Media

You might be making significant changes to your menu when switching to a diet-conscious food selection, and you should be sure to let your devoted customers know what they can expect from you. This way, they can get excited to revisit you and easily share the news with their friends and family.

Include Dietary Information on the Menu

One of the easiest ways to ensure you can satisfy all your customers is by adding dietary information to the menu. Identifying dietary information lets your guests decide which options meet their needs and minimizes the questions they need to ask your staff, making their dining experience much more relaxing.

Train Staff to Talk About the New Menu

Menu marketing will only be successful if your entire staff is on board. Your team should be able to promote new items just as confidently as they do with any other dish. Each team member should understand how the kitchen cooks the food, what ingredients you use and what substitutions are available. It could be especially beneficial for your staff to taste the new items before they go on the menu so they can answer questions guests might have.

Create a Diet-Friendly Menu With San-J

Creating a diet-friendly menu is a worthwhile process that can expand your customer base and ensure you provide your devoted and new customers with delicious and nutritious dish options they’ll love. Of course, before you start menu marketing, you must determine what recipes you want to incorporate, which means finding high-quality ingredients to enhance your meals.

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Create Your New Menu With San-J

We hope these tips for creating a health-focused restaurant menu have given you plenty of ideas about where to incorporate new recipes and how to develop diet-conscious food options to satisfy your guests.

This guide described various dietary restrictions and popular diets to consider for your menu. Using these ingredients, cooking methods and flavor ideas, you can reimagine your current dishes or find fresh ideas for new menu items. We also discussed some foods you should avoid in your kitchen and which ingredients offer nutritional benefits and delicious flavors.

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