10 healthy bowls

chapter 6: healthy bowls recipes

Filling bowls are becoming more popular, and many restaurants opt for nutritious ingredients that add tons of flavor. As with any healthy dish, adding some foods rather than others can diminish their value, so be sure to fill your bowls with high-quality ingredients.

Common Types of Health Bowls

One of the reasons health bowls are growing in popularity is that there are so many different ways to make them. You can create recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner bowls that stand out on your menu. Take a look at some of these popular bowls.

  • Asian bowls: Complete Asian bowls with cabbage, noodles, protein, veggies, cilantro and Asian cooking sauces.
  • Taco bowls: Many taco bowls are filling, delicious one-pan meals. Meat, rice, pico de gallo, peppers, avocado and sour cream complete these protein-filled bowls.
  • Mediterranean bowls: Quinoa, tomatoes, cucumbers and house-made sauces create unique flavors that keep your guests coming back.
  • Poke bowls: Poke bowls are an excellent alternative when sushi-grade fish is outside your menu budget. These bowls are inexpensive, and you can create them in various ways.
  • Burger bowls: Burger bowls are a common menu item, and you can make yours stand out by skipping the fries and onion rings and adding more veggies.
  • Smoothie bowls: These bowls are great for breakfast and lighter fare. Berries, Greek yogurt and seeds, granola or nuts create a refreshing bowl every time.
  • Burrito bowls: Skip the tortilla and add extra protein and veggies with this bowl. Fill it with brown rice and offer several protein options to cater to many guests.

How to Make the Perfect Bowl

Follow these easy steps to make a delicious bowl every time:

Choose Healthy Carbs for the Base

Whole grains make an excellent bowl base. These foods are filling and can provide long-lasting energy. Brown rice, quinoa and noodle options are an excellent place to start. Build your bowl around the base and fill it with unique flavors.

Add Salad Greens

Some salad greens can enrich your bowl with nutrients and give your guest a refreshing taste with every bite. Spinach, herbs and lettuce are great places to start, but watch your flavor combinations to create the best flavor.

Pick Your Star Protein

Half a cup of protein will continue your bowl-building. You can opt for grilled chicken, salmon, or other meats, but be sure to include non-meat options as well. Tofu, eggs, beans and lentils can shower your bowl with tasty flavors and rich textures.

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Add Vegetables

The next bulk of your bowl should be tons of delicious and nutritious vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, pumpkin and edamame can line the sides of each bowl to showcase the fresh produce you choose. Try incorporating three or more colors to keep each bowl bright and beautiful.

Top With a Crunch

Nuts and seeds might only take a small portion of the bowl, but they add a crunch that completes each bite. Choose healthy fats that boost flavors and bring the dish together.

Drizzle With Sauce

A few spoonfuls of dressing are all you need to complete your bowls. You can keep it as simple or get creative with different combinations. Spoonfuls of olive oil or vinegar might be enough for some bowls, but others might call for Asian flavors or creamy textures.

Add Bowls to Your Diet-Conscious Menu

You don’t have to start from scratch to craft unique bowl ideas. Some recipes on your menu can easily become a unique bowl with fewer calories, fat or sugar. Whether you want to reimagine your current options or find a jumping-off point for brand-new ideas, we’ve got you covered. Check out San-J’s recipes, and transform your menu with interesting bowls for your guests.