Easy Summer Skewer Recipes for Everyone

Written by: San-J Posted on: July 8, 2020

Summer is heating up, and nothing reminds us more of yummy cookout food than a kabob on the grill. What could possibly beat each mouthwatering bite of meat, fruit and veggies, with everything roasted to perfection and coated in a delectable sauce of your choice? 

If you’re eager to get cooking, consider trying these Asian kabob recipes. Gather up some wooden skewers (make sure you soak them in water first!), select your favorite ingredients and fire up the grill — it’s time to serve some new favorites on the backyard barbecue.

Spicy Szechuan Beef Kabobs

Our sauce Szechuan Sauce adds significant heat to this beef kabob recipe. Let slices of sirloin steak, cherry tomatoes and squares of onion, green and red bell peppers mingle with the Asian cooking sauce before you load the kabobs. If you can’t get enough of spicy food, baste the skewers with a little extra Szechuan Sauce while cooking, and don’t forget to pour an ice-cold beverage before digging in.

Grilled Teriyaki Vegetables

With several kinds of tender veggies on each of these nutritious and delicious veggie skewers, everyone has something to enjoy! Start by combining our sauce Teriyaki Sauce with sesame oil. Brush this seasoning onto evenly sized slices of zucchini, summer squash, onions, bell peppers and button mushrooms. Build separate skewers for the cherry tomatoes since they’ll roast quicker. When cooking finishes in about 15 minutes, coat everything with a little more Teriyaki Sauce and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and salt.

Mongolian Chicken Kabobs

For this chicken kabob recipe, you’ll need to first cut up chicken thigh meat into 1-inch pieces. Allow them to marinate in a container or bag with sauce Mongolian Sauce and ground black pepper for at least half an hour. After removing from the marinade and discarding the sauce, thread the chicken and alternate each chunk with a slice of green onion. Brush with vegetable oil and cook each side evenly — you’ll be ready to savor the result in minutes!

BBQ Beef and Apple Skewers

Enjoy the balanced tastes of juicy steak, sweet diced apples and fresh vegetables with a perfect blend of seasonings. Our beef and apple skewer recipe calls for slices of sirloin, apple, onion, zucchini and whole button mushrooms. Whisk four tablespoons of sauce Asian BBQ Sauce with some minced garlic, parsley and black pepper. Spread the mix over each kabob before they hit the grill for about 8 minutes.

Customize Your Skewer!

The best thing about cooking kebabs is the freedom you have with preparation. You can swap different meats, veggies, marinades and dipping sauces to make something truly unique and tasty. Plus, this is a smart way to accommodate different diets around the table or use up leftover ingredients. Invite everyone to experiment and create a combination to call their own!

We have all sorts of additional idea recipes with Asian ingredients and flavors for inspiration within the kitchen or ideas on the grill. Read more helpful pointers for food prep on our blog.