5 Delicious Ways to Use San-J Cooking Sauces

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Posted on: September 9, 2021

San-J is renowned for making rich tamari soy sauce, but there are many ways to love the taste of every meal you cook at home with a line of Asian-style sauces.

Each variety of cooking sauce uses San-J Tamari Soy Sauce and a careful blend of ingredients, inspired by the best of Asian cuisine. These products are also certified to be gluten-free, kosher and made with no GMOs. They make it easy to eat healthy and enjoy the full flavor of your food regardless of dietary restrictions and preferences.

From Hoisin Sauce to Szechuan Sauce and more, try using these selections in meal prep or as a complement to foods that could use a little lift.

1. Stir Fry Dinners

Your choice of sauce in a stir fry affects both the meats and vegetables, so it’s important as a home cook to get it right. Luckily, San-J Cooking Sauces complement all of it. Whether you are going strictly vegetarian or adding beef, chicken, shrimp or pork to your stir fry, you can sample a distinct regional style, whichever sauce you add.

2. Marinades

Let the seasonings of San-J Cooking Sauces infuse with your food overnight in the refrigerator or even for just a few minutes, and you’ll notice the difference. Classic marinades like San-J Teriyaki Sauce pair perfectly with chicken or tofu, soaking up the great taste throughout the cooking process.

3. Salad Dressings and Vinaigrettes

The same-old oils and processed dressings can ruin the healthiness of a nutritious salad, but you can try a drizzle of our products over your bowl of greens or noodles. Many plant-based meals can become sweet, savory or spicy with a touch of non-GMO San-J sauce.

4. Glazes

Before you serve your dish, try completing it with a light slathering or a coat of cooking sauce. San-J Orange Sauce brings out restaurant-quality flavor, especially on chicken. And the secret to a mouthwatering glaze on grilled steak or pork? San-J Korean BBQ Sauce delivers all the smoky and tender highlights of ribs or flanks. 

5. Dips and Condiments

You can pour San-J Cooking Sauces right from the bottle to dunk your preferred foods with chopsticks or your fingers. They’ll accentuate the taste of seafood and rolls. Or, they spread on sandwiches to liven up layers of meat, cheese and veggies. The versatility of these sauces is vast and open to your imagination.

Quick, Delicious Methods to Experiment With in Your Cooking

With San-J Cooking Sauces, it’s easy to bring many world flavors to your home kitchen without having to travel far or spending money or time on prepping ingredients. If you’re looking for a diverse new take on your chosen foods, all it takes is a splash or a dab of one of our sauces.

Browse the complete list of San-J Cooking Sauces online and discover your go-to choice. Don’t forget you can also explore all the recipes that use these sauce products to find a variety of both traditional favorites and bold twists on Asian-inspired cuisine.